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Gorilla Trekking in Africa

Enjoy guided Gorilla trekking tour in Uganda, Rwanda or Congo. Gorilla trekking is no doubt one of the top attractions in Africa, trekking through the dense jungle forest in search of the mountain gorillas and spending some quality time watching the gorilla families in their natural habitat, learning their way of living and their jungle survival tactics.

Bwindi National Park Picture Gallery

watch the mountain gorillas
The Mountain Gorilla at Bwindi Forest

Gorilla safari tour
 Uganda tour of Gorillas

People trakking the gorillas at Bwindi national park

Tour Attraction in Uganda
A distance view of Bwindi impenetrable forest

what to see at bwindi national park
Gorillas trekking at Bwindi in Uganda

Gorilla families at Bwindi national park

Top holiday destinations in Uganda
A morning distance view of Bwindi.

what to see on a gorilla trekking tour
The wildebeest migration from Serengeti

More picture of the Gorillas at Bwindi national park

Uganda Gorilla Trekking

Uganda Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla trekking is one of Africa’s top attractions, highlighting one of the world’s most endangered apes. It’s a lifetime experience, trekking through the thick forest, watching various birds and tree species, spending some time watching the wild gorillas among other primates.