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Travel Resources

Check out some of our additional traveling resources.

Car Hire and Rentals in Africa

Holiday Car Hire

We offer a wide range of safari 4WD cars, mini buses, trucks, vans, saloon and prestige cars in east and southern Africa. We also partner with other well established car rental companies, to offer the services in other countries in Africa....

 Africa Local and International Air Tickets

Local and International Air Tickets

We organize local scheduled, chartered flights and private jets to various destinations in Africa, and international air tickets to and from Africa...

 wildlife and safari holiday gifts and souvenirs in Africa

Gifts and Souvenirs

Africa has various types of gift and souvenirs; from the traditional artifacts, jewelry, carvings, precious stones, furniture, traditional cloths, music, art work among many others. At Kentz Safaris, we do organize shopping tours in various markets or shopping areas, and on request we buy and ship to clients abroad....

 Africa Holiday and Safari Books

Holiday and Safari Books

There is a wide range of books to read about Africa, it's beautiful wilderness full of wildlife, bird life, photography and the rich history and culture....

 Holiday Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Get yourself a suitable travel insurance and have a worry-free travel !!!. we offer various travel insurance plans from notable and leading insurance companies; whether it’s a family or group vacation, business trip or sporting holiday you are after, we have a policy for you.....