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Tanzania Group Tours

Tanzania offers some of the best safari and beach holiday destinations for group holidays in Africa. Whether it’s a family safari holiday, friends’ golf tour, group mountain climbing trip, colleagues’ team building, beach holidays, school club tour or it’s a solo traveler wishing to join other like-minded travelers on a certain group tour; we can make it happen.

Check out some of our group tour packages below, or contact one of our group holiday expert, to toiler make your own group holiday.

About Group holiday in Africa

Group Holidays in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the top destinations for group tours in Africa, there are various types of group holidays; small group tour suitable for small families and small groups of friend, the large group tour suitable for school clubs, work colleagues and solo travelers wishing to join a group for their holiday, and the fixed group tours that is suitable for small families, friends and solo travelers wishing to join other like-minded travelers on a certain fixed tour.

Group holidays are ideal for travelers with common interest; like touring the sub Saharan Africa, watching the wildebeest migration, deep sea diving and underwater exploration, golfing trips, mountain climbing, bird watching tour, animal photography, and African culture and safari tour.

Group holidays are well planned, every element is organized to the last detail; from the flights, local transport, hotels choices, activities, down to the attractions and places to visit. It is considered cheaper and more sociable than other types of tour.

Advantages of Group Holidays

There are many advantages and benefits of a group holiday in Tanzania, such as:

  • Bonding with friends, relatives and associates. Safe traveling in a group, socializing with new friends and sharing quality time together.
  • If you book your flight with us, group members have option to travel from different airport and meet at the destination. Group members also have the benefit to arrange for extra luggage allowances, pre-booked seats and free ticket name change (subject to airline conditions)
  • Every group have a dedicated personal travel advisors, who is assigned to make all your holiday arrangements and look after your booking; from your initial enquiry, to the last day of your holiday.
  • And depending with the number of members, the group can have a special arrangement to reserve car park area at the airport and at the hotel.
  • Since the group cost is shared among members and are sometimes eligible to group discounts, it is said to be cheaper compared to other types of holidays.
  • Some group holidays have special provisions, to hold your chosen holiday, sometimes up to the last week, while group members are given more time to finalize their arrangements.

Types of Group Holidays

There two main types of group holidays Fixed groups and Flexible groups:

  • Fixed groups tour is a tour with ready-made itinerary, fixed dates of travel, fixed number of group members, cost per person, activities, accommodation and places to visit. It’s more ideal for solo travelers and small groups of friends and families who share the love of travel and adventure.
  • Flexible small group tour, here members of the group have the option to plan their own itinerary, choosing their preferred dates of travel, attractions to visit, activities and accommodation. This type of tour is ideal for families and small group of friends.
  • Flexible large group tour, here members of the group have the option to plan their own itinerary, choosing their preferred dates of travel, attractions to visit, activities and accommodation. This type of tour is ideal for large group of friends, work colleagues, school clubs and cooperates.

Things to do

There is so much to do on a Group holiday; from going on a wildlife watching safari tour, golfing tour, deep sea diving, nature and culture excursions, photography tour, mountain climbing, gorilla trekking tour, wildebeest migration tour, bird watching among many other activities in Africa.

Top Group Destinations

  • Kenya- fantastic for all-inclusive holidays, wildlife watching, wildebeest migration, bird watching, photography and amazing beaches and sightseeing
  • Tanzania - ideal place for wildlife watching, wildebeest migration, beach vacation, photography, bird watching, mountain climbing among many others.
  • Uganda – a great place for Gorilla trekking, nature and cultural tour, bird watching, primates watching among many others.

Where to stay

Whether it's a large family villa to house the whole group, a hotel with facilities to please the adults and the kids, a standard hotels or just a simple camp you are after; Africa has it all; Group accommodation vary from luxury hotels with Kids’ Clubs that keep the kids busy to allow the adults sometime alone, to Lodges and camps that are surrounded by a wealth of attraction for the group members to explore, to beachfront family resort with lots of holiday activities.

Normal Day on Group Tour

A normal day on a Group holiday highly depends on the type of tour, for safari group holiday; you would wake up early for tea/coffee with snacks, before the sun rises head out for a guided wildlife viewing safari; at around 10am, the sun is usually hot and animals go to their hide out, so we return to the lodge/camp for breakfast and a brief rest.

At mid day, you are free to use the hotel’s activities, or enjoy reading a book, take a nap, relax by the pool with a cold drink or go for a nature/cultural walk. The afternoon activities starts at around 3pm by taking tea/coffee/juice with snacks and then embark on an evening safari, some minutes before 7pm you will return to the camp for a refreshing shower before your dinner at 8pm, after dinner you can choose to go at the bar or around the fire place. Most guests retire to bed at around 10pm.There are numerous Safari activities, this is just to give you a sense of how a normal day on safari could be.

Group Tours Packages

Short Group Tour

Short Group Tour

5 Days Group Tour

This is a 5 days group safari holiday, full of real adventure and opportunity to view 1000’s of wildlife and birds species in Tanzania; taking you through Ngorogoro Crater the home to the best natural geographical views and the famous Serengeti national reserve, the world’s best known home

Tour Cost From

$ 1,070

Booking Details