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Churches, Mosques & Temples in Tanzania

 Churches, Mosques and Temples in Tanzania

Tanzania is a country with a mixture of religions; the highest population being Christians followed by Muslims, Hindus and other small traditional religions. The Christians are divided into other smaller groups with the majority being the Protestants and Catholics.

For tourist and guest visiting Tanzania and wish to attend to a certain service or have a religion tour in Tanzania; there are plenty of churches, Mosques, Temples and cathedrals in all the cities and major towns. Contact us for a guided tour to explore the religious life of Tanzania.

Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam has a mixed balance of the religions with Christians and the Muslims being the predominant followed by the Hindu and traditional religions. The major places of worship for Christians (Protestants) in Dar es Salaam would include St Columbas Presbyterian Church (PCEA) on Ocean road, Azania Front Lutheran Church along Kivukoni road (Lutheran Church), Aghia Paraskevi church on Ali Hassan Mwinyi road (Greek Orthodox), St. Alban Anglican Church on Azikiwe Street (ACK) and The International Baptist Church in Ilala among many others. For the Roman Catholics they can worship at St. Joseph Cathedral on Sokoine Drive, St. Imaculate Catholic Church on Charambe street, St. Peters Parish in Kinondoni along Haile Selassie road and Kanisa Katoliki la Mt. Gaspari in Ilala among many others.

For the Muslims visiting Dar es Salaam; you can worship at Ibadh Mosque on Indira Gandhi Street, Msikiti wa Lindi in Ilala along Lindi Street, Sunni Mosque in Ilala along Mosque Street, Msikiti wa Kipata on Kipata Street or at Bohora Mosques on Indira Ghandi street. For the Temples; they are a couple of Temples within or near the city center that includes the Buddhist temple on Mindu Street, Shri Sanatan Hindu Mandir (Shankarashram) at Kisutu, Laxminarayan Temple, Shri Balajee Temple on Pramukh Swami Street and the Hindu Temple in Mikocheni among many others.

Zanzibar, Pembad and Mafia Island

The three islands of Unguja, Tumbatu and Pemba are 97 per cent Muslim. There is no church on Tumbatu Island and most churches on Unguja Island are for expatriates. Islamic extremism continues to grow, causing problems for Christians. Registration of churches remains difficult. Believers still struggle to gain access to jobs and education. Reaching Muslims with the gospel remains very difficult.

At the Tanzanian coastal region; majority of the population are Arabs and Asians of Muslim background; this can be reflected from the various mosques within the towns. The three main Islands of Ungunja, Pemba and Tumbatu are 97 per cent Muslim, the other 2 or so per cent are christian with very few churches on this island. The major places of worship for Christians in the regions would include the Anglican cathedral Christ Church in Stone Town and St. Joseph Catholic Church in Stone Town.

For the Muslims visiting the Coast region; you can worship at The Mnara/Malindi mosque in Stone town, the Ijumaa Mosque (Sunni) in Stone town, the Ithnasheri Mosque (Shia), the Aga Khan Mosque (Ismaili), Masjid Mwitani Utaani Wete in Pemba Island, Great Mosque of Kilwa Island.


Arusha is popular town strategically set near major safari and mountain climbing destinations, it's the third largest town Tanzania with the highest population being Christians, followed by Muslims and Hindus. The major places of worship for Christians (Protestants) would include Arusha Community Church, Arusha Elim Pentecoste Church, Grace Pentecostal Evangelical Church and Vine yard Church among many others. For the Roman Catholics they can worship at St. Theresa’s Metropolitan Cathedral in Arusha, St Peter and St Paul Catholic Church Kijenge among others.

For the Muslims visiting the Arusha; you can worship at Great Mosque of Kilwa on Seth Benjamin road or KSI Jamaat Arusha. For the Hindus; they are a couple of Temples that include ISKCON Arusha Preaching Center and Yashwanty Rajpar Farm on Old Moshi road.


Dodoma is the capital city of Tanzania; Majority of the people living in Dodoma are Christians, followed by Muslims and Hindus. The major places of worship for Christians (Protestants) would include the Victory Christian Assemblies, Anglican Church of Tanzania (ACT), Evangelical Lutheran Church and Trinity Baptist Church among many others. For the Roman Catholics they can worship at St. Paul of the Cross Cathedral.

For the Muslims visiting the Dodoma; can worship at KSIJ Mosque Dodoma or in Gaddafi Mosque. For the Hindus; they can visit Sikh Temple Dodoma among other temples in Dodoma.

Other towns in Tanzania

If you are visiting other regions in Tanzania, there are plenty of smaller churches, mosques and a few temples in the smaller towns.

Note: Contact us for a combined Safari and Religious tour of Tanzania.